19 July 2011

My backup mascara stash (the reserves, if you will)

Here are the mascaras that I have on deck...ready to go when I throw away the a tube, or retire a tube to my travel bag.  Once I've tried them, I will provide reviews of the products I have never tried before, denoted in green.

Maybelline The Falsies--I've tried this before, and I really liked it.  I got a 2 pack of this and gave the other one to my sister.  Yeah, I'm nice like that.  

Prestige My Biggest Lashes--I've seen good things about it on MakeupAlley, I think it's one of those mascaras with the huge brush.  We'll see!

Avon Super Magnify--I'm excited about this one, it has a teeny brush with lots of bristles.  It should be interesting to use.

NYC Showtime--Not sure why I bought this, I was in a bargain makeup mood at the time.  I don't have high expectations, given the reviews I've seen online (the few that I could find.)

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush--This was an impulse buy, and I don't have any expectations of this being good.  I hope I'm pleasantly surprised!

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous--I love this one, it's really easy to use and it never clumps for me.  It has an S-shaped brush, similar to the Lancome Hypnose Drama brush.  (As you may already know, L'Oreal is the parent company of Lancome and Maybelline.)

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