09 August 2011

The story of my lashes

How mascara performs on you really depends on what your lashes are like naturally.  So here is a little story about mine.

I know that I am lucky--I am blessed with great eyelashes.  They have been thick and long since I was a child...I was always afraid that they would fall out or get thinner as I aged, but they are still here (and I'm almost 33.) 

My lashes are mostly black (dark brown?) with blonde tips, so wearing mascara is pretty important so they look normal.  I have a very thick row on the top, it's bordering on a double row.

I never use a lash curler, but I think my lashes are naturally a bit curly.  I used to wear mascara on my bottom lashes, but a rarely do that now.

I will eventually post a picture of my lashes (with and without mascara) once I finally figure out how to use my hand-me-down digital camera.

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