28 September 2011

Cover Girl Lash Perfection redux

Earlier this month, I received a free Cover Girl item in the mail.  You can "Like" Cover Girl on Facebook, and if add the "My Cover Girl" application, you will be entered into their database and can win free products.  I won something almost immdediately, which is pretty cool.
A few weeks after I got the email saying that I won, I got my free gift in the mail.  I was wondering if I would get something that I already had...well, I was right!  It was the new Lash Perfection mascara, which I bought almost as soon as it came out.  But it was free and I like it, so all it good. The shade is black/brown, which is different than the normal black that I usually use.
However, since I have tons of mascara in my stash, it will probably be a while before I use it. 

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