13 September 2011

A rant about Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Allure magazine is still raving about the worst mascara ever, Maybelline Great Lash:  http://www.allure.com/beauty-products/best-of-beauty/2011/best-of-beauty-hall-of-fame#slide=2

Here is why it sucks:  the brush is outdated and actually promotes spiky lashes.  The formula is weak and neither thickens nor lengthens your lashes.  And I'm also told that the washable version is prone to running and smudging.  (I am lucky enough to have no issues with mascara running or smudging, so I'm taking other people's word for it.)

The only thing I can say that is good about it is that it's cheap.  It was probably one of the first mascaras that I ever bought, and it was fine for my 13 year old self.  But never again!

I can't guarantee that this will be my last rant on this topic!  ;-)  It's been something that has bothered me for years.

PS--For a good time, check out the low reviews for this product on Makeup Alley (registration is required to view):  http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp?ItemId=897&skintonetype=-2&AgeRange=0&SortBy=rating-asc

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